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Wheel of Fortune on Tour

Just when you think that IGT can’t possibly improve on its iconic Wheel of Fortune slots series any further, it goes and proves you wrong by releasing an even more exciting version called Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot. This time, the slot invites you to take a bus ride across America in search of giant wins of up to 2,500x your bet by collecting fuel and levelling up and unlocking innovative bonus features and enhanced payouts in its On Tour Bonus.

Climb aboard for an all-American road trip to Cashville with Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot

The Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot begins at one of the most famous locations in the whole of America – The Strip in Las Vegas. Even though you’re playing the slot on your mobile phone or tablet, IGT has designed it to look as though you’re behind the wheel of a big yellow Winnebago with the Balance, Win, and Total Bet amounts displayed on the dashboard. It’s a thrilling sight to behold as you spin your way through the palm tree-lined Strip under the bright glare of glitzy casino and hotel searchlights. You’ll also spot some favourite attractions appearing on the reels on Wheel of Fortune on Tour, including the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Route 66, Independence Hall, and The Alamo. Like another favourite IGT mobile slot game called Nordic Heroes uses the Level Up Plus feature. In the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot, it’s incorporated as a method of fuelling your Winnebago to help it continue its tour of America. The fuel gauge at the bottom-left of the screen indicates how many more units of fuel you need to collect to progress to the next level. There are six levels in total, and once each one is unlocked, it remains so permanently. You earn one unit of fuel each time the yellow bus lands on the reels without triggering the Bonus, and every ten units award one full tank. Triggering the On Tour Bus also fills the fuel gauge completely, and for every full tank that you earn on Wheel of Fortune on Tour online Slot, your Winnebago moves one space along the map. When the Bonus ends, the fuel gauge and tank are reset. To trigger the Bonus on the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot, you’ll need three yellow buses to appear in any position. Once the Bonus Wheel screen loads, you tap the ‘Spin’ button to get the Wheel of Fortune spinning. When you’re on Level 1, all of the wedges on the wheel are occupied by varying cash amounts. However, as you progress through Levels 2 to 7 on the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game, you’ll see the wheel starts to feature wedges that can trigger special features. For example, at Level 2, you can win free spins, and at Level 5, you can earn a multiplier, which is applied to an extra free spin of the wheel. Like the majority of mobile slots by IGT, Wheel of Fortune on Tour contains a wild symbol, which is represented by the game’s logo. It can substitute for the Hollywood, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Alamo, and Independence Hall symbols, as well as the car keys, map, and Route 66 sign. However, there’s an additional feature on the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game called Wheel mobile Wilds that can randomly occur after any spin where the bus doesn’t appear on Reel 1. It picks up to four random symbols and transforms them into extra wilds. There’s never been a more appropriate game to play on your mobile phone as you travel around than Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot game from IGT. Jump on board today to find out if your journey will take you all the way to IGT’s winner’s hall of fame. Check out a different side to the Wheel of Fortune series and play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin.

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