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The Incredible Balloon Machine

The Incredible Balloon Machine is an exciting new game from Crazy Tooth Studios that’s completely unlike any mobile slot you’ve ever played.

What makes the slot game stand out from typical mobile slots is that it uses no paylines or reels. You can play the slot with bets of 20p to £40 per spin, and it has the potential to pay out as much as 3,082 times your total stake! The aim of the game is to activate the balloon inflater, and with the Wincrease feature (which is exclusive to Crazy Tooth Studios) you must place your bet by holding down the Spin button and hit Collect before balloon bursts.

The Incredible Balloon Machine slot also comes with a Multiplier Feature that can boost your wins by between x2 and x10. Plus, there’s a Pick Bonus where you get to choose balloons to reveal cash prizes or multipliers. The Incredible Balloon Machine looks very simple as there are no reels, rows or paylines. Instead, you have a backdrop of blue skies and fluffy white clouds, the latter of which drift past as you continue to play, and in front of you are the brass frames of a hot air balloon.

As you float high above the earth, you must start to control the balloon making machine in the centre of the screen. The active balloon sits on top of the meter at the bottom. The Spin button which begins each game is situated on the right-hand side while the Collect button is located to the right of the meter. On the left, you can see how many seconds you have left to hit the Collect button.

The meter contains three sections which, from left-to-right, are red, yellow, and green. On mobile devices, the menu button sits directly above the Spin button, and it contains the rules and the paytable as well as controls that adjust the sound settings.

Wild Symbol

There is no wild symbol in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot.

Scatter Symbol

The Incredible Balloon Machine does not come with a scatter symbol.

Bonus Feature

With each spin that you take on The Incredible Balloon Machine slot, you must start to inflate a new balloon. You do this by holding down the Spin button rather than tapping it just the once. This initiates the game’s Wincrease feature which causes the needle in the gauge at the bottom to begin moving from left-to-right. Your bet is placed when the needle reaches the yellow section, and by holding the Spin button for longer, the potential value of the balloon increases from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 7,303%.

Although this may sound relatively simple, The Incredible Balloon Machine slot game has a few tricks up its sleeve. Balloons can randomly burst, so you must try to tap the Collect button before your balloon pops in order to receive a prize.

Plus, on any spin, a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x7 or x10 can be randomly applied. There’s also a Pick Bonus in which you get to tap on a selection of balloons to reveal multipliers or instant cash prizes.

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