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Cleopatra Plus

The Cleopatra Plus slot follows on from the hugely successful Cleopatra slot by IGT. It includes the innovative Level Up Plus Feature that we last saw in the IGT Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot. Like before, this option allows you to access new features and boost your returns the more you play. This time, Cleopatra’s not the only star of the show; joining her are several Egyptian deities, including Aset who’s the inspiration behind the Level Up Plus Feature.

The setting IGT has chosen for its Cleopatra Plus slot game is an image of the famous pyramids under a blood-red sunset. Then, there are the graphics on the reels which include six Egyptian gods – Aset (the bird), Bastet (the cat), Hathor (the cow), Khum (the ram), Horus (the falcon), and Anubis (the jackal) – Queen Cleopatra, a scarab, the Eye of Horus, an ankh, lotus flowers, and the six standard playing card symbols that often feature in mobile slots games by IGT and other providers.

The first thing that stands out is the Level Up Plus Feature, which is exclusive to IGT games. At the top-left of the screen, is one of the best-known representations of the goddess Aset (who we also know as Isis) – the bird. At the top-right of the reels, you can see which level you’re currently on, e.g., the Eternal Strength of Aset, and how many followers you need to gain before you can move up a level, e.g., 15/50. There are eight different levels, each of which unlocks new bonus maps and free games features, which can increase your payback. You can earn followers to help you climb the various levels by spinning Bonus symbols.

Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The Cleopatra Plus slot game’s wild symbol can substitute for any symbol except the Aset scatters (N.B. there are three different scatters). The wild also doubles the value of wins that it helps to create. This symbol can appear in stacks of between two and ten symbols to boost your chances of winning even further. Three, four or five Aset scatters trigger the Free Spins Feature, and each single Aset scatter awards you one follower; each double scatter gives you two followers, and each scatter trio symbol awards you, three followers.

Bonus Feature

The Cleopatra Plus slot uses Bonus Maps for its Free Spins Feature and, therefore, before you can start to use your free games, you’ll need to choose where on the map to place your followers. You can choose the Pyramids of Giza, the Nile River Valley, or Alexandria. Please note that certain maps only become available at the higher levels of the Level Up Plus Feature. The Bonus round starts with five free games and a 1x multiplier, and each Bonus Map contains several locations in which you can place your followers. It’s worth noting that you can split your followers between multiple locations or put them all in one place.

Once you’ve decided where to send your followers, the game reveals the award for your chosen location/locations such as free spins, a multiplier of 2x to 5x, an instant win, Super Spins, or a final spin multiplier of up to 50x. The Cleopatra Plus slot takes everything we love about the original Cleopatra, and adds even more excitement and winning potential through its use of the unique Level Up Plus Feature. All the wealth of Ancient Egypt is waiting to be discovered; for a chance to find it, take the Cleopatra Plus slot for a spin at Touch Mobile Casino today!

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