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Black Ice

Black Ice might be a driving hazard in the winter months, but it’s also the name of an attractive slot by Realistic Games. When you play it on your mobile phone or tablet for as little as 20p per spin, the red-hot gameplay is guaranteed to keep you warm while you’re searching for precious gemstones in the Arctic.

The Black Ice slot game uses five reels and ten paylines, and the action plays out inside a cave formed from huge blocks of ice. Along with six coloured gems, there’s a large diamond which acts as the wild symbol, and it can help you make extra winning combos by substituting for other symbols. The wild can also award re-spins while adding extra wilds to the reel set to give you increased chances of scoring prizes of up to five hundred times your bet.

Grab your ice pick and get ready to chip off chunks of cash in the Black Ice slot!

Realistic Games has pushed the boat out with the graphics and animations in its Black Ice slot. As we briefly mentioned earlier, the setting for the slot is the interior of an ice cave, and through the entrance, you can see the sun beating down on the semi-frozen sea outside. But, rather than staying stationary, a camera-panning effect moves the view from left to right while you’re playing, giving you the sensation of turning your head to take in the scene.

The shifting landscape of the Black Ice slot also makes the symbols on the reels looks as though they’re hanging in mid-air, moving slightly closer towards you one minute, and moving slightly further way the next.

There are just seven paytable symbols that are used in Black Ice, and they are the heart-shaped ruby, the topaz, the emerald, the amethyst, the sapphire, the tourmaline, and the diamond. If you’ve ever played 8th Wonder by Realistic Games, you’ll instantly recognise the design of the gemstone symbols. But, unlike in 8th Wonder, the wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol and also award a thrilling re-spin feature.

The wild in the Black Ice slot game is represented by the diamond with the word “WILD” written across it. At the start of every win, there are eight wilds on each reel (including the ones that are out of view. Whenever a winning combination is created, all non-wild symbols that appear in that win are transformed into wilds as well. You then receive a free re-spin with all wilds held in position, and you continue to receive re-spins until no more wins can be made or the jackpot is won.

What we particularly like about Black Ice is that it’s a very simple game to play, but it also manages to cater exceptionally well for both players on a budget and high-rollers. And, the re-spin feature ensures that you’ll have a blast every time you play it on your mobile device.

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