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Balllonies Swap and Pop

The Balloonies Swap and Pop instant win continues the adventures of the adorable cartoon animals that first appeared in IGT’s Balloonies slot back in late 2014. This time, the inflatable birds and beasts appear in an instant win which offers players the chance to scoop as much as £250,000. The game is both fun and easy to play, merely create rows or columns of three or four matching symbols, and a shape or an instant cash prize could be revealed. You can even swap adjacent symbols around to help create winning combos. But, be careful, because the Balloonies Swap and Pop instant win can also reveal bombs which end the game!

The sky’s the limit as blue skies form the background for the game, giving it a wonderfully summery vibe. On the left-hand-side of the screen, you have the Balloonies Swap and Pop slots logo with the paytable underneath, and on the right-hand side, there’s the playing area which consists of a four-by-four grid of symbols. Before you can begin, you must first choose how much you wish to pay for your ticket (N.B., a ticket gives you one game). You can select from 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 or £10, and with each selection, you’ll see the paytable awards rise or decrease accordingly.

The most significant prizes on offer with the cheapest and most expensive tickets are £1,500 and £250,000. All of the symbols that can help you score wins are animal-themed. There’s the monkey, the giraffe, the elephant, the fox, the parrot, the dog, and the hedgehog, all of whom come with cute animations such as blinking eyes. Once you’ve purchased your ticket just tap the spin button to play, or the “Reveal All” button to play the game automatically. When the playing area has been populated with symbols, any row or column containing three matching symbols creates one shape, and the paytable is updated accordingly. If a column or row of four matches shows on the reels, two shapes are formed. And, if there are only two adjacent matching symbols, you can swap their places on the grid by tapping them.

If you collect all of the shapes in a row as depicted on the paytable, you get to take home the associated prize. However, shapes aren’t always automatically formed when three or more matching animals appear in adjacent rows or columns as it’s also possible to win an instant cash prize or reveal a bomb. If a bomb appears on the reels, all of the remaining symbols will pop, and the game ends. If you love the Balloonies mobile slot, you’ll be smitten with Balloonies Swap and Pop. It’s fast-paced, simple to play, and incredibly good fun, and with prizes of up to £250,000 on offer, you should seriously consider taking a pop at it today! For more exciting IGT slot games why not check out Cleopatra slot and Cleopatra Plus slot.

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