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Astro Legends

Astro Legends is a highly innovative mobile slot from Foxium that’s set in the future, and rather than using traditional paylines, it allows you to form winning clusters. You can play with as little as 10p per spin.

There are plenty of exciting features to discover while you’re playing this slot game on either your desktop or mobile device. The features include sonic re-spins, the Lyra spirit bonus, and wild multipliers. Foxium has ensured that as many players as possible can relate to the storyline that features in the mobile slot. There’s the main character, Lyra, who’s the lead singer of an extra-terrestrial band, and she’s joined by one of her biggest fans, Erion, who’s the gatekeeper of galactic trade in their world, Oratorio. Lyra becomes trapped by the immortal Erion while performing a private concert for him, and only you can help her harvest the stardust that she desperately requires to transform into her wolf spirit and escape.

When you launch this slot machine on your mobile device, you will find yourself on a strange planet that’s formed of grassy fields and mountains. Weird obelisks mark out a path which runs from the front to the back of the screen. You’ll find Lyra playing her electric guitar while tapping her foot stood on top of a stage carved out of rock while light from a distant moon overhead casts a soft pink glow over her.

Instead of a typical five-reel layout, this slot game uses a futuristic grid of symbols that contains twenty-two positions. Hence, there are no paylines. Instead, the game lets you create a winning cluster with its various paytable symbols. A winning cluster can only be formed using five or more matching symbols, which can include the garnet, the amethyst, the peridot, the A, the K, and the Q. The most valuable wins come courtesy of the amethyst, although many generous prizes are on offer for obtaining the most massive possible clusters which contain twenty-two identical symbols. You’ll notice that three of the twenty-two positions on the grid are ringed in pink, and the wild multiplier symbol can only appear in these three cells where it can substitute for any other symbol in the game.

Wild Symbol

Any win that the multiplier wild contributes towards is multiplied by between x2 and x5. The sonic re-spin feature in this video slot can be randomly activated whenever a winning cluster is created. It causes the reels to spin again while holding the winning symbols in place, potentially allowing you to improve the existing win or create a new win. Stardust bubbles can also appear on the grid, and if Lyra bursts them, you gain between two and ten points for your Stardust Collection. If you earn one hundred points, Lyra transforms into a wolf and triggers the thrilling spirit bonus.

Bonus Feature

In the spirit bonus, you must help Lyra dodge Erion’s traps to reach the next stage of the bonus. Make it through all six stages, and you’ll get twenty times your total bet. If you’re looking for a different kind of slot with state-of-the-art special features and graphics, check out the Astro Legends slot now! If you like slots by Foxium then why not have a go at the Lucky Bakery slot and The Odd Forest slot games, or if you prefer the Astro space theme then check out Astro Pug and Astro Cat.

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