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As IGT is perhaps known for producing exciting and unique mobile slots, its latest release, Tripoll, is quite different from what you might expect. Tripoll is a dice game that takes its name from the biggest prize you can win (which is done by rolling three dice of the same value) as it “triples” your payout.

What we love most about the Tripoll game is that it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of, plus you can enjoy it when you’re out and about on your tablet or mobile phone. The betting range is wide enough to suit most players, and the top payout (for those using the maximum bet) is an impressive £240,000!

Have triple the fun and score triple prizes with the Tripoll dice game!

When you play Tripoll on your mobile device, you notice how unusual it looks – something like a cross between an instant win and a scratch card. To begin with, you get a pop-up window which takes you briefly through “How to Play”. Basically, there are six potential rows that you can create wins with, and selecting the arrow next to each row reveals its prize before the Tripoll game automatically rolls the dice. Then, depending on what numbers appear on the dice, you either win or you lose. Bear in mind that these are just the shortened version of the rules. You can see the full rules by clicking on the “I” button at the top of the game window.

To make Tripoll more appealing to players who might not normally play dice games or casino games, it’s makers – IGT- have used a contemporary background which makes it looks as though you’re playing the game on your kitchen table. A cup of freshly-brewed coffee sits on a saucer at the top-left with a pad of paper and a pencil next to it. A tea-tray carrying the Tripoll logo is situated to the left of the playing area, and upon the playing area itself are six rows of numbers in different colours (N.B., green, orange, blue, pink, yellow, and blue).

Before you can start playing the Tripoll dice game on your mobile, you must first select how much you wish to play with. The options are 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5, and £10, and as you adjust the stake size, you’ll see the “Win up to £x” box at the top of the playing area increase or decrease accordingly.

Once you’ve purchased a ticket for the game, you can either click each row individually to start the dice rolling or click on the yellow “Reveal All” button to set the auto-play feature in motion.

Each time the dice are rolled, three dice land on the tea tray on the left. If the total of the dice matches the target number on a row, you win the prize value advertised on that row. For example, if the top row says “6”, you’ll need the values of the three dice to total 6.

If any two of the dice display the same number (e.g. 3 and 3), then the prize for that row is doubled, and if all three display the same number, it’s a “Tripoll” and the prize for that row is tripled.

It’s fast – it’s fun – and it’s undoubtedly unique. So make sure you try the Tripoll game on your mobile ASAP!

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Jackpot: £240,000
Payout Percentage: 85.00% to 93.00%
Paylines/Reels: N/A
Min/Max bet per spin: 50p – £10
Wild Symbol: N/A
Free Spins: N/A
Bonus Games: No
Autoplay: Yes

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