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Epic Gems

Epic Gems online game is another innovative new title from Gamevy that successfully manages to combine elements of lottery games with mobile slots features to provide engaging gameplay and the chance to win prizes of up to a maximum of £25,000.

When is a mobile scratch card more than an instant win? When it’s Epic Gems!

When you launch this game by Gamevy, you might at first think it uses reels, albeit eight of them just like other slots. However, the screen contains a five by eight grid of different colour gemstones. There are forty gems in total, including dark blue, red, pink, yellow, light blue, green, and white, which appear in a vertical sequence on each column.

When you can start playing, you must choose how much you wish to bet. The options are £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £20, £30, £40, £50, and £100. As you increase or decrease your wager, you’ll see the value of the jackpot at the top of the screen changes accordingly. With the minimum bet, it’s worth £1,000, and with the maximum bet, it shoots up to a massive £100,000. Four of the forty gemstones are hiding mines, and the Epic Gems scratch card game aims to pick or swipe all thirty-six ‘good’ gems without uncovering any mines.

Once you’ve decided on your bet size, just tap the “Play” button. It refreshes the screen to give you a new grid of gems. You must now select one of the gems by touching it with your finger, and at the right-hand side of the screen, the game lets you know how much a successful pick is worth.

When you pick a gem that doesn’t contain a mine, it disappears into a spinning vortex before giving you the option to cash out your win or carry on in the hopes of increasing your winnings. If you uncover a bomb, it’s game over, but if you manage to avoid all of the bombs, the jackpot displayed at the top of the screen is yours to take home. Another nifty feature on Epic Gems scratch card mobile game is that there are seven special gemstones hidden on the grid, and if you find all seven of them, you’ll instantly double your money.

The fact that you can cash out as often as you like makes the instant win game more exciting. However, if you’re feeling brave, you can keep on going in the hopes of finding all thirty-six ‘good’ gems to claim the jackpot, although there’s a risk you will lose your previously unclaimed wins if you suddenly set a bomb off. Don’t forget that if you enjoy playing this instant game, you can discover more mobile games from Gamevy such as Boss The Lotto and SpinLotto.

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Jackpot: £100,000 RTP Payout Percentage: 96.0% Paylines/Reels: N/A Min/Max bet per spin: £1 – £100 Wild Symbol: N/A Free Spins: N/A Bonus Games: No Autoplay: Yes

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