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Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette by Felt Games provides you with the thrill of one of the UK’s most popular table games with twice as much action. Like our other Felt Games titles (such as Blackjack Lucky Ladies and Blackjack 21+3), it’s designed to work best on mobile devices. The casino games layout is very similar to that of a standard roulette table, but inside bets give you two chances to win, and outside bets require both balls to win to gain more valuable payouts. The top jackpot is worth an impressive 1,200 to 1; so, if you’re a fan of table games, you won’t want to miss the chance to try this relatively rare form of mobile roulette. Two balls – twice the fun!

Brief Overview

Double Ball Roulette plays in landscape mode on mobile devices, and a single swipe makes the game display in full-screen mode. It uses European rules, which means that the wheel only contains a single zero, but instead of using one ball on each spin, two are used. When you first launch the game, you’re presented with the paytable, which shows you the potential payouts for standard roulette bets and double ball bets. With standard bets, the minimum you can wager is 10p, and the maximum inside and outside bets are £50 and £1,000 respectively. With double ball bets, the minimum you can wager is also 10p.

The most you can wager on any same number is £10, and the maximum you can wager on the jackpot is £1. To win Double Ball Roulette 1,200 to 1 jackpot, you’ll need both balls to hit your chosen number.

How to play

You can start your first game of Double Ball Roulette by tapping the green Play icon at the bottom-right of the screen. If at any point you wish to view the rules, all you need to do is tap the blue Help icon at the bottom-left. The next screen you’ll see is a zoomed-in view of the betting area, and there are various chip sizes beneath it.

You can choose 10p, 50p, £1, £5, £10, £50, £500, or £1,000. To place your chips on the table, tap your preferred chip size to highlight it, then click the relevant position on the betting area such as a number, Red, Black, Even, Odd, 1st 12, or 1-18. You can also place double ball bets and multiple bets. When you’ve finished placing your chips, all you need to do is tap the green Wheel button at the bottom-right of your mobile device’s screen.

The button also shows you how much your total bet is worth. The view will now change to a close-up of the wheel, and the green Spin button will start the wheel spinning and release the first ball followed by the second ball. Once both the balls have dropped into pockets, the game shows you a close-up of each ball’s position and calculates any winnings that are due.

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